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Start to build a stunning career in restaurant business!
KFC wants you to succeed from the very beginning.
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There appear more and more KFC restaurants in Russia, which means that we permanently need smart and forward-looking professionals. We in YUM! Russia company train young people in all nuances of the trade, give them unique knowledge, and develop the most useful skills for the future profession. For that, we’ve even opened our own Corporate University.

The principal goal of the University is quality training and preparation of new staff. That’s why we’ve collected all best training programs of the YUM! University and the most well-known Russian and international schools in order to implement them in our YUM! Russia.

Now there are already 3 departments in the Corporate University of YUM! Russia

  • functional education department;
  • corporate education department;
  • personal development department.

Based on results of learning in the Corporate University, students get international diplomas and certificates that are highly valued on the market. After having completed the entire training course, one can get promoted from a staff member to a company top manager.