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Coupon Rules

All coupons are valid from 26.02.2019 по 27.05.2019 until the products are available in all KFC restaurants in Russia. Products can’t be replaced with other dishes and drinks. The coupon offer is not cumulative with other promotions and discounts.

The offer is valid in all KFC in Russia, except for restaurants in the cities of Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Kirovsk, Lukhovitsy, Shakhovskaya, Nakhodka, Blagoveshchensk and restaurants on the territory of airports.

Coupons 3279, 3840, 4468 and 4469 contain fizzy drink with the volume specified in the coupon description, except Mojito and Chef Lemonade.

Coupons 3813 contain fizzy drink 0,4 in KFC restaurants KFC Flagship Ufa, KFC Halle Ufa, KFC The Ufa family.

Coupons 3840, 3813, 3279, 4468 and 4469 are not valid in KFC Partizanskaya.

Coupons 4468, 4469, 4470 in some restaurants include fries standard.